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First pictures with AF Nikkor 180 mm, Zurich, March 2000.

The next day after purchase of my AF Nikkor 2.8/180 EDIF (from a friend) I shortly visited Zurich. Before departure of my train I had some time, and even when it was raining and it grew dark, I decided to take some pictutes with my new lens, just to see its (wide opened) performance. You can look at the pictures here.

There is an interesting view on the old part of the town (Niederdorf), main university building and the bank of the river Limmat from the hill (Lindenhof) near Zurich downtown. To the left you can see wide angle shot from there (Agfa RSX, 100 ASA, 1/60 s at f5.6).

With 180 mm lens (wide opened) the correct exposure was 1/250 s. I used 1/500 s to eliminate the possibility of blurring due to handholding the camera. My first picture with this lens (showing last two hauses near the right edge of the wide angle shot) you can see to the right.

The left picture is just a cut-out from the previous one (now scanned with 2700 ppi). Resolution on the film is, however, still much better. E.g. the red text on the sign (situated in upper left corner) is sharp and perfectly legible..

Another view from Lindenhof, into the nearby gardens, is shown to the right.

Another shot from the same place, now in direction to the cathedral Grossmunster (links).

The last picture was taken later in the town, handhold with 1/250 s.

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